In 2017, China-EU Blue Industry Park was inaugurated by representatives from both China and Europe at the closing ceremony of China-EU Blue Year, and settled in the New Marine City. China-EU Blue Industry Park, as a core agglomeration of marine industries, has the conditions required for construction. It will offer spaces for high-quality development of international cooperation on marine industries and help build Shenzhen into a pioneering paradigm of global center for marine economy.

In the hope of fully leveraging the strategic value of China-EU Blue Industry Park and in response to the high-level development requirements of the New Marine City, Shenzhen SEZ Construction and Development Group Co., Ltd. launched the “International Competition for Urban Design of China-EU Blue Industry Park and Architectural Concept Design of the Start-up Area”, soliciting advanced, far-sighted and sustainable development ideas that can help build a guiding framework for the development of China-EU Blue Industry Park.

Prequalification Applications

Since International Competition for Urban Design of China-EU Blue Industry Park and Architectural Concept Design of the Start-up Area was released on May 9, 2023, a total of 34 valid applications were received up until May 21, 2023. Among them, there are 29 consortia and 5 independent applicants. There are 79 design teams in total, including 49 from the mainland and Hong Kong of China, and 30 from abroad. Among them, there are 37 from the mainland of China, 12 from Hong Kong of China, 7 from Germany, 5 from France, 5 from the Netherlands, 5 from Singapore, 3 from The United Kingdom, 2 from The United States, 2 from Australia, and 1 from Norway.

Prequalification Applications

Prequalification Committee

Group Photo 

The qualification meeting for this international competition was held on the 4th floor of Chuang Zhi Yuncheng on May 25, 2023. The qualification committee consists of 5 renowned industry experts and 2 representatives from the host.


After thorough discussions and seven-round voting, the prequalification committee selected 4 shortlisted applicants (without ranking) and 2 alternative applicants (with ranking),as follow:

Prequalification Result

Host: Shenzhen SEZ Construction and Development Group Co.,Ltd.

Organizers: Shenzhen SEZ Construction and Development Group, Marine Industry Development Co., Ltd.

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