In order to organize international competition with high standards and quality, and promote the development of a world-class cultural engine with premium, diverse spatial features for the Dongjiaotou Area, International Competition For the Planning and Architectural Concept Design Of CITIC Shenzhen Dongjiaotou Project (Tentative Name) is officially launched, steered and supervised by Nanshan Administration of Planning and Natural Resources Bureau of Shenzhen Municipality, hosted by Shenzhen Zhen Wah Harbour Enterprises Ltd., undertook by CITIC and organized by Urban Planning and Design Institute Of Shenzhen, registration is now open to design teams all around the globe.

Dongjiaotou Project (“the Project” for short) lies at the hub of Shenzhen Bay in Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area (GBA), an important fountainhead of Shenzhen's reform and opening up. Blessed with great natural wealth involving mountain, sea, river and bay, and adjoining Shenzhen Bay Port and Shenzhen Bay Bridge, Dongjiaotou Area is envisioned as a gateway to Shenzhen and Hong Kong prioritizing ecological conservation and embracing both mountains and seas.

Schematic map of the project location

Located in Shekou Sub-district, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, the Project is planned as an important urban node on the Shenzhen Bay coastline at the southern end of Shenzhen’s land area. The site is adjacent to well-established residence communities such as "MASTERPIECE DE JADE" and "Ocean City Garden" on the north, Shekou Mt. Park to the west, Shenzhen Opera House, one of Shenzhen’s iconic major basic public cultural facilities, to the south across a road, and Shenzhen Bay Port to the east. It overlooks Shenzhen Bay and Hong Kong across Wanghai Road.

Urban Context of the Project

Guided by the development goals of Dongjiaotou Area and leveraging the existing ecological resources of the Area, the world-class cultural resources of Shenzhen Opera House, and well-established supporting facilities, the Project is expected to reshape the spatial structure of Shenzhen Bay Area, develop the project area into an agglomeration for performing arts industries and an "urban parlor" for international coastal life, and eventually create a world-class cultural engine with premium, diverse spatial features for the GBA.

Aerial Photo of Dongjiaotou Area

Work Content

Based on the control requirements of the upper-level urban design, provide overall planning for the two plots and concept design for singular buildings of various business formats, specifying the basic location and functional layout for the buildings, traffic organization inside and outside the site and inside the singular buildings, and overall building skyline and facade image of the Project. The concept design proposal will serve as the basis for planning and building permit approval after later design integration and detailing.

The design scope is marked by the red line, with Shekou New Street on the north, Wanghai Road on the south, and Central Road and Houhai Avenue on the east and west respectively. It covers two parcels of land, i.e., Plot K709-0003 in the west and Plot K709-0004 in the east. The design scope covers two plots totaling a land area of 108,821.04㎡, within which a FAR-counted GFA of 396,085㎡ complex containing 268,235㎡ of residential, 43,650㎡ of commercial, 40,000㎡ of hotel, and 25,570㎡ of office facilities is planned.

Schematic diagram of the project scope

Registration Requirements

The means of participation include "invitation + open call". Specifically, two renowned design firms with inspiring achievements will be directly invited to this international competition, while four design firms (consortia) will be selected through international open call, hence a total of six participants. 

Invitation: The two directly invited firms are (by alphabetical order of their initials):

  • Skidmore, Owings & Merrill (SOM)
  • TFP Farrells Limited

Open call: the Competition will accept registration after the announcement released: 

  1. No qualification threshold is required for the open call. Design firms both at home and abroad may register for the Competition. Individuals and individual teams are not allowed to register.
  2. Design firms registering for the Competition must be an independent legal entity, or a partnership enterprise or organization in other forms. Different firms chaired by the same person or involving shareholding and management relationship are not allowed to register concurrently.

  3. Design firms inside Chinese Mainland must be legally registered legal entities with valid business licenses;

  4. Design firms outside Chinese Mainland (incl. those from Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan regions) should provide company registration certificate approved and issued by the competent authority of the country (region) where the design firm is located.

  5. Consortia with a maximum of two members are allowed to participate in the Competition, with a Consortium Agreement specifying the leading party and obligations of each member. Any member of a consortium is not allowed to participate in the Competition twice by its own name or join an-other consortium concurrently.

  6. The chief designer should have participated in at least one completed large compound urban complex project in the past five years(since January 1, 2018) in first-tier cities; the design firm’s project portfolio should include at least three large commercial and office complexes and international brand hotels (completed or under construction) with floor area of over 400,000 m²in first-tier cities.

  7. The chief designer must be creative, have chaired projects of the same typology, and undertake to directly participate in the whole process of the Competition and attend key milestone meetings for no less than 3 times (including but not limited to interim design presentation and design evaluation presentation) required by the Host. Only two chief designers can be appointed at most.

  8. The design team should include at least one designer who is versed in Chinese to ensure accurate understanding of the regional background and relevant requirements of China.

Work Rules

The International Competition includes two phases: “Open Call and Prequalification” and “Concept Design and Evaluation”.




Open call and prequalification

May 20,2023

Release of official announcement and opening of registration

May 20-June 1 (By 15:00),2023

Fill in on-line registration information at


By 17:00,June 10, 2023

Submission of credential documents + concept proposal (incl. soft and hard copy)

June 13,2023

Prequalification meeting and results publicity

Concept design and evaluation

June 16,2023

Site visit and Q&A

July 11,2023

Interim meeting: interim presentations by shortlisted design firms (consortia); chief designers must be present.

August 24, 2023

Delivery of design submissions

August 25, 2023

Evaluation meeting

End of August, 2023

Announcement of evaluation results

Note: The above timetable (Beijing Time) is tentative and subject to adjustment by the Host.


The Design Evaluation Committee will review the design submissions provided by the six design firms (consortia) and award them the following prizes:

Winning prize (one): CNY 4,000,000 (tax-included)

If the winning design firm (consortium) obtains the right to subsequent design implementation, the Host will directly sign a design contract with such design firm (consortium) without granting the prize money. Regardless of whether the winning design firm (consortium) has obtained the right to subsequent design implementation, it must be responsible for optimizing and integrating the urban design of plots K709-0003 and K709-0004 for the purpose of guiding the subsequent schematic design of the two plots.

Selection prize (one): CNY 2,400,000 (tax-included);

Finalist prize (four): CNY 1,500,000 (tax-included) each, totaling CNY 6,000,000 (tax-included).


The winner should provide fee proposal based on the work scope of “architectural, structural and curtain wall design general consulting for commercial, office and hotel buildings + specialized façade design for residential buildings” by plot and business format. The ceiling of design fee for the whole project is tentatively determined at CNY 68 million (tax-included), including CNY 20 million (tax-included) for Plot K709-0003 and CNY 48 million (tax-included) for Plot K709-0004. The Host will conduct business negotiation with the winner as per relevant charging standards of China, and contracts will be signed with developers of the plots based on the design content and prices agreed in the consultation.

Files Acquisition Method

Please send an email to public@upr.cn to obtain the Work Rules and Design Brief for the competition (please indicate the company name in the email).


Filling in registration information online

Please click on the link https://jinshuju.net/f/dmOuxW to fill out the online registration form between May 20, 2023 and 15:00, June 1, 2023.

Steered and Supervisor

Nanshan Administration of Planning and Natural Resources Bureau of Shenzhen Municipality


Shenzhen Zhen Wah Harbour Enterprises Ltd.

Organizing agent(s) and its/their contact information:

Consultant: Urban Planning and Design Institute of Shenzhen (UPDIS)

Contact: Ms. Yuan 0755-83899237

E-mail: public@upr.cn