[Dalang Fashion Town] Results of Daloang Fashion Town Workshop





Situated in Longhua District, the geographical center of Shenzhen, Dalang Fashion Town is the core of the industrial corridor in the west of the district. The Town is a demonstration zone for popular clothing brands of the country and one of the first exemplary sites for building towns with local features in Guangdong. With a galaxy of fashion businesses pooling here, its reputation as “Town of the Original & Silicon Valley of Fashion” has started to gain recognition. However, the town's construction and development is still in the infancy, facing problems such as the juxtaposition of urban villages and industrial parks, a lack of fashion characteristics, a shortage of vitality in the downtown and weak support of infrastructures like transportation. To build the Fashion Town into a future world-class industrial center with a wide influence over fashion ideas, product releases and consumption, it is necessary to comb through all possible approaches to further development and consider in a systematic manner factors like space, ecosystem, history, local culture and municipal infrastructures.<br/><br/>Authorized by the Leading Group Office for the Construction Work of Dalang Fashion Town, Design Center held the “Dalang Fashion Town Workshop” in June, 2018. The workshop is intended to be a dialogue platform that gathers creative minds and expertise. The main objective of the workshop is to come up with ideas of events that can increase the influence of the town and to solve problems in the process.